Tips on Diet and Exercise

diet-exercise-resourcesBody weight contributes to our over all general health. It causes sleep apnea and snoring. A recent study shows that only 35 percent of adults exercise regularly. That means six out of ten don’t, and also four in ten aren’t physically active. Lack of exercise increases the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease. It is estimated by the CDC that 112,000 deaths occurs because of obesity.
Many Americans turn to fad diets that just don’t work, when proper diet and exercise is the key. While the basics of weight loss starts with daily activity and healthy eating habits.
Before starting any diet or exercise program for men over forty and women over fifty, you should consult a physician.
You have to start out slow, and build your self up over a time period of months. This will help with soreness and injury. Try to do at least thirty minutes of moderate cardio each day. You can do it all at one time or take ten minute intervals. Build up strength- developing exercise twice a week. Make activity part of your day like walking to the store or a friends house. Always take the stairs when possible or at lunch time go for a walk. In your leisure time ride a bike, work in a garden, join an exercise class. Make sure your activities are right for your physical condition and age. Make activities accessible in your day to day routines . Put on your favorite music and dance to it. Any movement you are making is considered exercise.
For proper diet, eat smaller meals like 3 to 5 times a day. Choose whole grains fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Eat slowly in small amounts and if you want seconds, wait at least fifteen to twenty minutes for that second serving. Don’t deprive yourself from the good stuff either. In small amounts have cake and cookies and pizza. Drink water in pretty good amounts before eating. This will help make you full and you wont eat as much. Stay away from buffets at all cost…. we are trying to get healthy here.