Diet and Execrise while Pregnant

Being pregnant can be some what overwhelming, As women, we are use to living our lives a certain way. Then all of a sudden we question everything we do. Unfortunately we stop exercising.
downloadExercise and diet is very important in pregnancy, Studies show that women who eat right and exercise have shorter labor time and easier births. They also had a faster return to pre- pregnancy weight as well and shape. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising, nor does it mean you have to be tired all the time. Through regular exercise and eating a wide variety of food that’s wholesome, Its very easy to maintain your fitness and your health during a time with all the extra demand on your body.
There are eight tips to follow while you are pregnant when exercising.
# 1 While you are pregnant, the first thing you want to do is talk with your Doctor. He has your personal health information and risk that may include you and the baby. Follow his instructions, also maybe a prenatal trainer as well. The more people you have with this knowledge the better.
# 2 If you exercised before you got pregnant, chances are you can continue your routine. If you were not exercising, now’s a good time to start. Your baby will thank you, but be careful, your body is undergoing a change. There’s a new person inside you and that person needs oxygen and energy. Don’t over do it. At the right pace you should be able to talk with someone. It’s called the talk test. We don’t want you to get out of breath.
# 3 If at anytime you feel faint or tired during your work out STOP and cool down. Working out while pregnant gives you muscle tone and strength. That will help you cope with labor pains. We have to watch what we are doing. We don’t want to over do it. When that baby bump gets bigger, adapt your routine with your body.
# 4 No sports until after the baby is born. We can’t get out there and base jump, this is not the time. Use your common sense.  Low impact and low risk sports are all you need at this remarkable time.
# 5 Stay hydrated during your routines. We don’t want to over heat. Wear clothes that breathe and pay close attention to the room temperatures. Over heating can lead to problems for you and the baby.
# 6 Do what your body tells you. Your Doctor can provide you with helpful information but your body knows what it can and cannot take. If he recommended a certain exercise and it doesn’t feel right don’t do it.
# 7 Eat your fruit’s and veggies. That baby needs all the nutrition she/he can get. Shop in produce for bananas and whole grains. These are rich in vitamin B6 and helps with red blood formation rich in oxygen. Sweet potatoes have Vitamin A for growing the baby’s bones. Salmon and spinach are full of calcium which helps you with bone loss during your pregnancy.
# 8 Get as much rest and sleep as possible during pregnancy sleep. Try to take as many naps as you can during the day about 20 minutes at a time,this will help you maintain energy.